Top Shops 2019

We are currently accepting abstracts for presentations at the 2019 Top Shops Conference. The deadline to submit your abstract is Monday, April 15, 2019. The goal of this conference is to present practical new technology, strategies and concepts that attendees—owners or managers of CNC machine shops—can quickly implement in their businesses to help them grow and become more efficient. The key word here is “business,” which is why the conference will include presenters speaking about new machining technology and shopfloor practices as well as business strategies and human resources/workforce development.

Potential presenters could be principals in machine shops (audience peers), consultants or equipment/software suppliers. Although it is not essential, presenters who are consultants or represent equipment/software companies are strongly encouraged to include an end user as part of their presentations to provide real-world examples of how their technology, strategy or concept is applied.

Suggestions for specific topics include:

  • New machining technology or machining technology applied in a new way
  • Machine connectivity/data-driven manufacturing benefits
  • Cutting tool strategies to reduce cycle times
  • Workholding strategies to reduce setup times
  • 3D printing applied in a machine-shop setting
  • Robotics and other forms of shopfloor automation
  • Employee training and development
  • Succession planning strategies